Anne Nelson of LURK Fragrances

Sustainable living has a tendency to be focused–no, obsessed–with Brooklyn. But Manhattan has its own share of eco-friendly delights, just with a level of sophistication that makes Brooklyn look twee and amateurish. And yes, hipster.

Anne Nelson Sanford, proprietress of LURK Natural Fragrances, proves this point. During the summer, this West Village resident moves her perfume studio “out East” to her summer digs at Sag Harbor (peep her Instagrams of beach sunsets). When she’s not hand-blending fragrances out of pure essential oils and jojoba oil (no chemicals preservatives, stabilizers or additives), she’s plying her sophisticated hand at interior design. Now that it’s fall, you’ll find her living the Town and Country lifestyle with her adorable four year old around the city.



It was hard to pull Ms. Sanford away from her beach life to answer my questions, but she did it! Check out where she meets her friends for cocktails, the musical artist I’m so glad she introduced me to, and where she does her vintage shopping…

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