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Hello! My name is Juliette Donatelli, I am a graphic designer + web developer, and I currently live in Brooklyn, New York.

On this blog I write about sustainable fashion.

I believe what you wear is a reflection of your values in so many ways, and the more aware you are of the clothing you buy, the more confident you are when you wear it. I believe in strong personal style (over trends), high-quality clothing (over flimsy fast fashion) and where you choose to spend your dollar vote really matters.

I approach the fashion industry with a background in Ecology and a love for personal style. I’ve written The WILD Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, Zady, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, Ecosalon, Ecouterre and Eco-Chick, and have be featured on American Fashion Podcast, Bib + Tuck and Sew & Tell

For advertising, collaborations or press inquiries, please email contact@spadesandsilk.com