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Juliette Donatelli


Juliette currently lives in Brooklyn, never underestimates a good laugh, story or comfortable pair of heels.

She has written for publications such as The WILD Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, Zady, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, Ecosalon, Ecouterre and Eco-Chick, and has be featured on American Fashion Podcast, Bib + Tuck and Sew & Tell.

Growing up between New York and Paris, Juliette developed a deep love for style + culture. Fascinated by the interconnectivity of people, the environment and business she went on to pursue a BA in Environmental Science and Globalization, and an MS in Ecology as an National Science Foundation fellow.

Immersed in the field of sustainability for over eight years, Juliette has led visual water awareness campaigns in Los Angeles, conducted riparian zone conservation field studies in South Africa and has been shoulder-deep in a cow’s rumen for grassland nutrient cycling research. Her compassion for people and the planet have now led her into an industry she never imagined she’d find herself in: Fashion.

Dedicated to educating others on how and why our dollar vote matters, particularly at the intersection of conscious living and impeccable style, Juliette fills the pages of spades + siLK with intelligent, well-researched + visually stimulating content for taste-makers worldwide.


For any graphic design work enquiries, please go to www.juliettedonatelli.com

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